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Show us your hones (others than Coticule)


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Well here is a picture of the hones on my honing table, these are the ones I use most at the moment
From left to right top row
Naniwa chosera 800, 2k, 5k and 8k. Atoma 600 diamond plate, Zulu grey, Oozuku, Nuritaki and a Kiita
Bottom row: a couple of Coticule, 2 Thuringer and a box of nagura



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Not a problem. I have read that some people believe the colour is indication of fineness. The darker patterned ones might not provide as good of an edge as lighter coloured ones. Mind you I don’t have one and have never used one. We should wait for Steve to chime in on this, since he has these absolutely beautiful stones and has used them extensively...


@SammieM Is correct, karasu is a pattern that occurs in many different mines.

Traditional karasu usually occur in the lower, harder layers, aisa, namito, etc - and these karasu layers can be present (or not) in many mines. Because they are from lower layers, they are usually, but not always, harder and finer than upper layers. But this is a property of being from a lower layer, the pattern has nothing to do with the hardness or fineness.

The upper suita formations also would show karasu patterns sometimes, but these are not usually as hard or fine as the lower layers.