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Show your rocks


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Was talking in another group about Jnats and someone wanted to see what i got so here is my little Jnat collection

For midrange
1 Shinden Suita 19x9x2 cm 739 gram
2 Unknown mine 20x7x3 cm 1111 gram

3 Okudo 20x7x2 cm 731 gram
4 Nakayama 19x7x1,75 cm 596 gram
5 Narutaki 19x7x2,5 826 cm gram
6 Shobudani 16x5,5x2 cm 441 gram 20190831_131433.jpg 20190831_131500.jpg 20190831_131736.jpg 20190831_131757.jpg 20190831_132129.jpg 20190831_132147.jpg


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@Tony So far the Okudo, but i have only tried the Nakayama 1 time and it could become the new favorite, have to try it some more.


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Nice collection and the honing seems to get better and better :daumenhoch