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Simpson Emperor 3 in Two-Band Super Badger


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I have the tulip and emperor they are both sound brushes . the emperor seem s the firmer of the two. I have had big brushes and i don't like them the emperor i would say is a perfect size in any band . mine the band one.

not sure on not size but all that info is on there website.



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I've tried several Simpson brushes, and I fully agree with the description of them being lather hogs (relative to brushes that I prefer much more to them). In fact, I will not ever own one. While I make that statement, I'm just sharing my preferences, not saying they are definitively no good. I've settled with several Rooney Finest brushes, and they are the best compromise that I have found for backbone, feel on the face, and applying the lather that it generates. In fact, I find they produce better lather with hard soaps than almost every brush I've tried.

I really look forward to trying a Thäter brush to see if there's a currently manufactured brush that compares to my Finest

*for reference: the only brushes I use now are Rooney Finest and one Semogue Owners Club (or something like that-I'm on my iPad and can't click away to get the precise name of the brush, but it's a boar brush modeled after their '09 LE)


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IsaacRN and Gary,

How do you guys like the Simpson Emperor 3 in Two-Band Super Badger? The Simpson Emperor line has been haunting me lately. I own a few badgers, but I do not like how they hog the lather for me. Because of this, I have been using boar brushes lately with great success and enjoyment. However, my main concern is that this brush would be too small. I have a few more questions:

What is the knot diameter of this brush?

What is the knot loft height of this brush?

How soft are the tips?

How much lather does it hold in number of shaving passes, approximately?

I am attracted to this brush for many reasons. I like the Simpson brand and current quality and customer care that Vulfix has provided for this brand. I like the long and beautifully elegant handle of these brushes, particularly as I am a bowl-latherer. I think I like the size of the brush because I believe that it won't hog the lather as much as my larger brushes. I think the size of this brush is also nice for charging shaving cream straight from the tub. Thanks in advance for any help and insights you may provide, gentlemen.


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Total Height: 113mm
Bristle Loft: 52mm
Knot Dia: 23mm

I really enjoy the brush. As Gary said, it is a very dense brush and a bit of a lather hog. I find that it has one of the nicest handles. The only problem I have is that the bloom/shapes lately have been a bit daft. Its really a hit or miss. I have the entire Emperor line, and find the 3 to be an excellent brush. I do want to say, despite the size, the brush does seem rather small. The loft isnt as high as one would think.

I know this takes you into a completely different direction, but for the money, the best brush right now IMHO is the Rooney Limited Edition XL line in 2 band. I could not say enough about those brushes. I actually find the 2XL a bigger brush, but somehow just right. I would really contemplate a purchase of those. Each person that has picked it up on my recommendation has been pleased with the purchase.