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Slicing sushi


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I hope you're spending some good time on Sunday. Yesterday we had sushi for dinner and I realised how blunt the knife I wanted to use was. Sushi calls for really sharp edge, the roll is pretty firm and if the edge doesn't cut enough, the rice begins to form ugly goo on the blade, which then stays on the pieces and looks bad. And sushi is not only meant to taste good, but also look aesthetically. :)

I took the knife and formed rather dense slurry on my #14, made some 60 halfstrokes, diluted 50/50, made another 30 or so, another coarse diluton, and so on for another two or three times. The slurry was darkening really fast, much faster than when honing a razor. Talk about a really good edge! Never before has slicing sushi rolls been so pleasant and dffortless.

Now for some coffe and shave :)

best regards,


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Wonderful Matt :thumbup:

I rarely use my Coticules for knife sharpening, but its very well accepted as a way of producing some "scary sharp" [small]tm[/small] edges

Regards and enjoy the day
Ralfson (Dr)


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Btw when slicing sushi you need a sharp blade, but it doesn't hurt to wet the blade a bit.