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Slow, hard layers that produce keen edges.


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I've come to the conclusion that I'm a big fan of the La Verte layer. I've had three coticules from this layer (I now have two), and they've been the easiest hones on which to get a nice keen edge that's also smooth. My beard is thick, and the edges off these hones suits it.

I've tried LPB's, Les Latneuses, and some other unknown layers, and been able to get nice edges off them, but I seem to prefer the La Verte edges at this time (my tastes change from time to time).

So I've been wondering if there are any other layers that have similar honing characteristics to a La Verte (with some differences). Just out of curiosity, at the moment, but perhaps with an aim to try one of them out at some point. I know I shouldn't mess with what works, but I am curious about the different layers --- Hey! What can I say? It's a hobby. :lol: :lol:



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i have a la verte they work pritty well for most . I have several coticules. I have had lots in the past. I have found some of been hard work. Six months later i've gone back to that certain coticule and i have got the best edge ever.My later LPB is not giving me a magical shave just yet. very close. i just got hold of a lpb on slate the same as pauls in one of the threads on here. It worked first time.My sharpest ever edges came from my hybrid side of les lat. When i say sharp i mean sharp. I can get get that sharp i have to dial the edge back. Other wise its just to crispy for me. my best hht of the leslat on both sides has been as good as a pasted edge hitting 5 plus on fine hair. I could just rest the hair on the edge and it would pop advice would be not to relate to a certain layer. why because you will expect brill easy edge s from say a Lv or LPB. It may not be the case. just go with what you have and stick with that.


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Gary -

Thanks for the advice, I can see why you have the 'Advisor' label. :D

I do have a really nice Les Latneuses that I picked up from our very own Jared. I've been keeping it for use with a 7-day set that I need to restore and hone up. The plan for the set (after restoration) was to finish each razor on a different hone (or layer) so that there are some differences between the razors.

I'll focus on the Les Latneuses for a while and try to maximize my results from that single stone.


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One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given, and have given out, is to stick to one stone until you truly truly know it well enough to get the result you are after consistently.

I also believe that a little too much importance is put onto which layer does what, when seeking to improve the honer's performance, all layers will do it, the ones that are fast on slurry tend to be slower finishers, and vice versa, not always the case but near enough, so it all levels out in the end.

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)