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So I used Dilocut on My DA Tonight


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And try as I might I couldnt get past HHT 1 "violin" :blink: the odd catch and pop if I really played around with the hair, so I gave it a good 60 on linen and the same on leather and the HHT improved to nice healthy HHT 3 "catch and pop" all along the edge, usually I leave it at that and know the shave will be very good, not mind blowing, but more than ok.
However tonight I thought (which is unusual for Mmm that wont do, so I took the razor back to the coti/water 50 laps, HHT dropped back to a very Loud Violin, Mmm I thought again. Lets give it another proper stropping and see what happens, HHT 4-5 A 5! a "Silent Slicer"! (all be it not along the entire lentgh but hey, and I have never honed this Razor before)I have never achieved that before either, and considering I was disappointed in the HHT straight off the hone I consider it a very very cool result.
I will test shave tomorrow a.m. and see how it is, though to be fair I already know it will be "Smoothalicious!"

i have 3 DA's, And i don't no why but i have and still do get my worst results with HHT.I would say its only recently i'm getting much better results. I can do dilucot on my dovo prima Klang, and other razors and i get a 5 every time. I do the same routine on DA and like you have described. From the hone i'm lucky if i hit 1/2 after stropping A good 3/4 if i'm lucky. I would say i have hit a 4/5 5 times out of say 20 honing's. Last night i was getting a five near the toe and a 3 every where else. I have to say i rushed a little .