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Soaps for Bath

The King

Well-Known Member
In addition to shaving soaps, I am also a great lover of bath soaps. :kiss

And maybe not so surprising for some but also for bath soaps I have a fairly extensive collection.

I only use shower gel from Tabac, Irish Moos and Ice Shower from Rituals.

And fortunately there are more members here who prefer the hard bath soaps to shower gels.

Including Harkos who delighted me yesterday during our visit to him with several bath soaps that he brought for me during his tour of France.

Once again, my sincere thanks to Harry.goodjob!
@The King, so I thought I would join in Tabactober after being a full participant in OCtober. I needed some items to get free shipping from Italian Barber and ordered what was listed as Tabac Bath Soap. When it arrived today Tabac was not written anywhere. Instead it was a blue and yellow wrap with 4711 and "Maurier and Wirtz" written on it, which I know is the maker of Tabac. What did I get?
@The King Nesti Dante make very nice soaps, i like also the Cipresso.
Other bath soaps i like Nostalgia Olejek Lawendowy ans soaps from Tihany Levendula.
I recently used and finished the mogno soap I bought in France last summer holiday. Now started on Savon du Midi Lavender.