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Announcement Softwareupgrade in the forum & new template


Dear members,

we will do this weekend a major software upgrade for the forum software and change the template/layout This will be not the usual software upgrade which is easy to do. Due to this upgrade, the forum will not be available for longer period of time.

My guess is that we will be off-line around 6 to 9 hours. I cannot say yet the exact day, whether it is today or tomorrow or on Sunday, because this depends a lot on the time for the preparation for that upgrade and on other upgrades in other forums of mine how fast/well they go. :eek:

After the upgrade, there might be some minor bugs and template flaws, which we try then to fix over the next weeks.

So please bear with us. Once offline, we will send out an email again as soon as we are online again. So please activate your email notification in your userprofiles.

Your SU team