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SOLD: Two Soaps

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Two soaps for sale that never have been used.
> Highland Springs Soaps Company - Reflections. This soap is based on a cologne of Armani: Guess Mann. A nice masculine, fresh, acqua scent. I do like this scent and performance very much. This one is for sale because I have it twice.
> Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Et Tu (CK-6 formula). This soap is based on the famous Brutt scent. A bit of a fougere scent. For me a nice scent, but my wife does'nt like it at all. Please notice that the jar of this soap is slightly damaged when it shipped to me.

I ask 37,50 EUR for this soaps, shipping in the Netherlands included. Outside The Netherlands: actual shipping cost minus 7 EUR.

Afbeelding Zepen.jpeg