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Some new, and exciting videos


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Jarrod at Superior Shave, has just put up some new honing videos on his coticule page.
One is using "travel sized" slurry stones, and has a unique perspective on usage.
The other two are videos of honing on sometimes oddly shaped bouts. They're great videos, and show some helpful info, at least for a neophyte such as myself. One surprise was that Jarrod espoused honing with a "leading toe," something I've been doing for about a month now, since I posted about the crosshatch pattern in cylindrical honing.
I've gotten on with the "toe leading" stroke quite well, and found it much easier to adapt to than I had originally thought.

I like Jarrod. I think he's a fine vendor. And now I like him even more after posting his knowledge, and some new ideas for all to see!

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There are too little Jarrods on this planet. I wish there was one for each kind of object I find worthy to purchase, whether it's a frying pan, a pair of hiking socks, or a stone to hone a razor. Men with a passion for what they offer for sale.:thumbup:



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Very cool. So, here's a question (can't watch the videos at the moment... should be working): what toe leading rather than heel leading?