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A rather rare, yet very pretty razor is the silver-gold Speed. Made in Sweden it has a fabulous futurist design, that was shown in the packaging and themed blades as well. Packaging is as slanted as the razor itself, blades have the pinnacle of modernity as logo: a transatlantic commercial airliner. Propellor-driven, of course.
A two-piece razor, where the tilted, not torqued slant design is built in in the handle/baseplate combination. Knob and cap are gold, rest is silver.
The packaging came with bladebank in the base.
This razor is rather heavy and last time I used it I wasn't experienced enough with heavy razors to fully enjoy it. Now that I know how to handle those barbell-replacements I ought to try one again.
DSC04677.JPG DSC04678.JPG DSC04680.JPG DSC04682.JPG DSC04683.JPG DSC04684.JPG DSC04685.JPG DSC04687.JPG DSC04688.JPG DSC04689.JPG DSC04690.JPG DSC04691.JPG DSC04692.JPG DSC04694.JPG

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Justifiably a very beautiful specimen there could have been the Angel of Rolls Royce model for.


Absurd hero
Recently I found a full box of NOS blades, and another of those greetingcards:
DSC03155.JPG DSC03156.JPG

A happy family. Two Speed razors, one with original packaging, and 107 blades:


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Well, I finally got my hands on a Speed! :disco1

It shows how diligence, patience, alertness, and being a real pest to a good friend that owned two paid off in the end. I am just glad that @efsk sent me this and not the Speedo bikini. :eek:

My first shave with the Speed was last night. I just shaved the night before with another extreme diagonal razor (the Bonsa), and so my frame of mind was already halfway into the technique of shaving with an extreme diagonal. The Speed added the slightly different part of having a beveled top cap, which made it easy to find the proper angle for the razor head, and the long handle made it easy to keep the handle perpendicular to my face like a normal razor. What surprised me was that the proper angle for the head was a little on the rough side, and so slowing down a little and being aware of the position of the razor helped a lot in getting past the WTG pass. The ATG pass also presented challenges, especially in keeping everything properly aligned. This razor required great concentration to get a good shave, however it did end up as a two pass with minimal touch up BBS. I am sure that after a couple of shaves under my belt with this one, I will enjoy it more. :daumenhoch