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  1. efsk


    Here's a nice Swedish SE that is not seen or talked about that often. Petty, really, as it is stunning in its simplicity. Just a bit more complex that a Rolls or a Darwin SE, but without the stropping machines that are an integral part of those. The Doma is basically a handle with a baseplate...
  2. efsk


    Matador was a Swedish razormaker, known for their DE's. After I found out they made their own version of the Apollo/Ben Hur Mikron, I was searching for one. Took a few years but end of November I found one, bought it, and waited. The damn thing entered Dutch customs December 3rd, and finally was...
  3. efsk


    A rather rare, yet very pretty razor is the silver-gold Speed. Made in Sweden it has a fabulous futurist design, that was shown in the packaging and themed blades as well. Packaging is as slanted as the razor itself, blades have the pinnacle of modernity as logo: a transatlantic commercial...