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Stone ID, please


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Good morning every,

I recently bought a coticule from Seth over here in the forums and it seems like a La Dressante to me but I may be wrong? In the first picture it is the stone all the way to the right, the other two is a vintage natural combo and a la verte. It cuts very fast on slurry and is quick on water too:





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For those of you that want to see other pictures of the other stones, here ya go:

Vintage natural combo. I love the way this stone feels, it's like a stick of butter, soft but slow with and without slurry.



And a la verte slurry stone, natural combo:



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My gut told me it was a La Dressante, as it cuts and feels much like my other red La Dressante. However, I have a Les Lat slurry stone with almost the same layers, but you dont see many Les Lat's with all the dark spots. At first I thought it was a LPB, but the slurry dulling is no where near as bad as my LPB's are. I know layers vary, but it feels nothing like my La Veinette does under a blade. Whatever it is, its a beautiful stone. Its hard to capture but it really has more red in it than most photo's show especially when wet.