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Reserved - Payment pending Straight Razor Scales (Thermoplasic) 5/8 + 6/8

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Blade Whisperer
I have some razor scales left that were made in Solingen from an old plastic manufacturer. Sometimes one need it, but is not in the mood to build a custom one. So, I keep some for myself and offer you some as well.

The Scales are made from Thermoplastic in the standard „Solingen shape“ The few 5/8 scales are already fixed with black spacers. The 6/8 are offered as pairs with a spacer of your choice (either black or white). they are unpolished but can be polished easily e.g with simple car polish to high gloss.

The Price is 5 Euros per pair of Scales with spacer, except the one with the „Böker-Tree“, for which I expect 10 Euros. Shipping comes on top.