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straight razor tattoo gun


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Dont even get me started :(

The Chinese are dominating the world of fools that buy this junk, its as far away from the hand crafted machines that my peers and myself work hard to make as it gets

This particular design was stolen from a good friend of mine Jay Kelly, he first made these many years ago, and they are nothing like the cheap piece of junk we have there

$40 machines are good for people who value our craft that low, and the Tattoo's they produce.

Best regards (slight rant over)
Ralfson (Dr)


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When are you going to certify me as a Ralfy Trained "scratcher"?

I'm quite ready to start! On eBay, can you point me to a link of what I need to make me a professional? I'm looking to stay under $50 if possible :)



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richmondesi said:
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Err do I know you? hahahaha

You could come over and my bitc... err apprentice for 3yrs, that would get you a good start, and no I dont sell that on Egay

P.S you know how to try to push my buttons on the scratcher bit Paul my friend hahaha we had one in last week asking about where to buy cheap supplies, I had to walk

Ralfson (Dr)