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Straight shaving around a goatee?


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I have been growing out my goatee for over two years(6"), and just recently I have decided to give straight razor shaving a go. I have been using a disposable razor to get tight around my goatee and other trouble spots, and that works just fine. Although I would like to be able to eventually do a full shave with a straight from start to finish, so any recommendations to lead me in that direction will be greatly appreciated.



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You couldn't have probably asked more general question, could you? :lol:

Well, I do it all with just a razor, hahaha :) OK, one of the tricks is to remove excess lather from the edge of the growth area to keep it in shape without accidentally trimming more than you wanted. I do it just when I arrive at those places, simply by wiping it away with the spine of the razor.

If you're more specific, maybe I'll be able to give some more hints.

good luck,


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I too have worn a goatee for years, I find it very easy to get right up to it with a straight razor, you can even target individual hairs, because of how my hairs grow I usually shave out from the beard first, then come in toward the beard on next pass to keep the edge tidy, in order to get the sides of my chin bbs I do one last pass with a slight upwards scything stroke.

Hope that helps?
Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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As long as you can see where the edge starts on the toe end you should be able to get a perfect line
May be easyer if you dont have a round point but there are ways to get around that too:)
(a line with a sharpie straight up from the tip of the edge may possibly work before you develop the feel for it?)


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I currently have a chinstap with a goatee and I don't have any problems at all shaving around the lines I need to maintain, it's just practice. :thumbup: