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Strange Proposition.......


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I have a strange proposition for the active members here. I know there has been some talk about the use of Chromium Oxide and Diamond sprays. The problem with both of these is one comes in different qualities and the other is a bit expensive to try.

I have, sitting in the corner of my office, a nearly brand new double felt strop from SRP. One of them is marked .5 and the other is marked .25. The backs of each has never been used. The .25 bumped up when I first sprayed it, but it doesn't effect the performance at all.

What I would like to propose is this. I will pack up the strop, one 4oz. bottle of .5 diamond spray, one 4oz. bottle of .25 diamond spray and a 3" x 8" Hard Balsa Strop coated with Chromium Oxide. The Crox is from Handamerican and is 99.9% pure, the best you can get.

Anyone who would like to try these out to see if they like or dislike them can. Just send me an email and I will put your name on the list. After I get the list of say 10 people. I will send the package to one of you and you can then test them out as you wish for say a week or so. There will be specific instructions for reapplying diamond spray if needed. There will also be instructions on how to normally use the felt strops and also how to use the hard balsa strop.

I will expect your report to show up in a special thread that everyone can read. After you are done, you will ship the package to the next one on the list and notify them and me. If you can't afford to pay shipping, let me know and I will help.

I don't think this will interfear with our other project, but if anyone thinks it will we can put this off until some time later.

Here is the list of members who would like to participate

1. Tim
2. Gary
3. Ralfy
4. Torben
5. Bart
6. Paul
7. MitchScrader
8. PA23-250
Nothing strange about it. This is an active community.
I vastly prefer talk about real life experience over endless lingering about I read this and I heard that.
Put me on the list, Ray.
Thanks for setting this up.
Bart said:
I vastly prefer talk about real life experience over endless lingering about I read this and I heard that.
:thumbup: :lol: There's been a lot of experimenting going on here, and more to come. I like that. I'd be a bit more proactive if it weren't for lack of time, and green.
Being as I just joined and havn't yet created any reason for trust, I won't assume it exists.

If you would consider putting me at the end of the list, it would be much appreciated, and allow time for me to become familiar with the local customs. ;)

I rarely use a strop and would enjoy the opportunity to explore what's possible.
Sounds verrrrrrrrry interesting; I'd love to join if you still have room! :)

Thanks for setting this up.

For those who signed up

Ray will ship the strop etc to me shortly. He has delayed simply because I am moving house. I expect this project to kick off in the next 4 weeks

So it is still alive just a little behind schedule - solicitors are a law to themselves
Hey guys, Strop, 2 bottles of diamond spray, hard balsa strop and additional crox was sent yesterday. It should take about 10 days to get across the pond and you guys can start to experiment.

Raise your questions and report your findings here.


Hi Ray

If there is room for one more guy in the rotation I´d love to take part in your experiment!

Kind regards