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I have tony miller litigo/linen tm horshide/smooth cotton and a rr cowhide /canvas.

The past thew weeks i've been using dilucot method and i have found the linen to be most efective by far i stropped on rr canvas smooth cotton the hht has been the best yet of linen by far followed by either leather normaly litigo then either one of the cowhides. I no bart has mentioned it can depend on your fabric and i find this very true.
I use 2 both dovo canvass and leather which I believe is cowhide?
1 I only use very rarely but with very good results has Crox on the canvas and the leather is untreated
The other I use daily and has dovo white paste on the Canvas and again untreated leather, Boy I can tell you after 40-60 on both sides of that everyone of my razors will pop hairs on the hht and the shave is very noticeably smoother and sharper
I get on very well with it
Mind you the dovo are the only 2 "proper" strops I ever owned so i wouldnt know any
Linen is definitely necessary, probably contrary to what most people think. I currently only have a RR Filly, which is just a strip of cowhide. It's not a bad strop, actually it's great for beginners. I'm not sure how long I can maintain a razor with it. I always end up rehoning before then. :lol: After a week the razor is still shaving great, no pulling, but I can tell it has lost a bit of keeness. I could easily go beyond a week though.

I have a Kanayama on the way (thanks Jim!). The Filly and Kanayama are worlds apart. Should be interesting seeing the differences between them.

Regarding effectiveness of the cloth component, do you think it is mostly the material, or does the weave has something to do with it?
I would say its the weave my linen is like a v weave the rr canvas aint that good.i read tony millers web site he actualy says the linen acts a little like as if it was pasted oviously its not. I tested all 3 the rr canvas is a waste of time the paladium leather is exallant.i have shaved with my puma for a month now and its still going strong i wished it would'nt so i could test my new coti as a touch up. I would say the dovo strops are very good the cotton backs i'm sure they come with a v weave i have had a thew brand new ones which i sold and the cotton side is a joy to strop on very nice and soft.
I'd say the dovo are nice strops i like the leather and canvas is the nicest i've used. Does the white dovo paste turn your canvas black ? I just wodering thats all because they say its not to brasive i should imagine it does slightly.
It is slowly turning black, I believe it has no abrasion? and the "cut" comes from the cloth alone, either that or it has very very little, heres what its like after a few months daily use:

At any rate, that V-weaved pattern on the top-of-the-shelve Dovos works better than the straight patterned linen on their other models. I don't know if the thread of the fabric is different. Possibly the weave has nothing to do with it.
I have a strap of hemp fabric lying somewhere, that I plan on testing, and if it works well, add to my Old Traditional strop, since it came without a linen. If I only had more time on my hands. This plan to catch more z's, is really testing my character... But I'm hanging on.

If someone's willing to build a Hemp strop, let me know, I can send you some of that stuff at postage price.

pedalpowersailing said:

I could try to make a hemp strop if you like

I have some time
That's great. I'll send you some of that stuff. I have no hardware for it, though, so you 'd have to figure it all out on your own. Would you care to also test the qualities for stropping, once finished. If it's any good, we would swap it around a bit.

Thanks. I really like the spirit for active experiment we have hear.
I might need to grant you access to the Lab, if this stropping project kicks off...


Edit: oh, yeah. Don't smoke the strop.:lol: I was expecting Ralfy to be all over this...;)
Bart said:
oh, yeah. Don't smoke the strop.:lol: I was expecting Ralfy to be all over this...;)

Cheeky! lol. I am err now let me think..................
over 2 yrs weed free :blink:

Trouble is I cant remember exactly how long, I have to ask our apprentice
Hahahaha (true)
great looking forward to it

I will try to souce some hardware

Anyone got anything, knackered strop etc

I can test it and ask Gary and Ralfy to contribute at some stage

It's 60mm wide. Exactly as wide as my Old Traditional. :)

I stropped on it. It's a hard fiber, so it feels pretty functional. As soon as I can strop a freshly honed razor, I'll be able to tell if it's any good.

pedalpowersailing said:
great looking forward to it

I will try to souce some hardware

Anyone got anything, knackered strop etc

I can test it and ask Gary and Ralfy to contribute at some stage

I will test it tim see what i think .