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Strops - Bench strop Made by R. Jung A. G. from Heidelberg


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This one I picked up a few days ago. Never seen one like this before. It has a thin layer of red paste on the leather which I will remove. It’s 5 cm wide. I have already tested the top layer by lightly sanding a part of it with 400 grit sandpaper.

Well working with the 400 grit was very slow sanding And I decided to go to the 80 grit which I may regret later. After that 400 800 1600 and 2500. After the sanding I used some neatsfoot oil to feed the leather which felt too dry.
Let’s see tomorrow what still needs done.

I checked this morning and the strop feels quit good, i do think it will need some more neatsfoot oil in the coming month though. Then I stropped a razor and checked the bevel before and after, no damage to be seen.