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Supex 77 Strop-it Paddle Strop


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A few months ago I acquired the Supex77 Strop-it and for me it is the best paddle strop one can get. Due to the current problems with orders from the UK, I ordered mine in France.

I took the "top version" because I have no intention of smearing pastes on any of the leathers. In the scope of supply of the "Top version" the belt is provided with a plate "Napped Clear" (bright vegetable tanned cowhide) and a somewhat purple shimmering plate "Napped Brown" (vegetable tanned and oiled cowhide). In addition, I have ordered a plate extra "English Bridel" (English saddle leather). All three plates have a top trigger, whereby the English Bridle for the finish still tops them. With the usable areas of the respective plates of 300 x 77 mm, the belt is on the one hand sufficiently long for comfortable stropping and above all sufficiently wide to leather a razor with the complete width.

The very best, in addition to the interchangeable plates, the plates holding with magnets are spring-loaded and one reaches thereby even with double layer tape honed razors the edge. Also half and quarter-hollow razors (taped honed) are no problem for the belt. Quite wedge I must still test more precisely.

And here are a few photos:

46F618A5-AC5A-49D5-A35A-3BD6E3FDFF96.png EDAB9425-2609-481D-94EC-19B00CB976D6.png 145B443D-FDB2-411D-B6B1-65D44C1FE6A1.png

Furthermore, Nightdivers made some extra plates for me. They fit excellent on the Supex
from left to right: Nubuk, Bufflao, Deer, Cordovan, Yak and Goat-leather. Now, I am testing all of them with my identical Böhlerstahl Razors to see if I feel any difference.



Undercover Moderator
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Sure, but not for the Supex. Nightdiver made for me one as Hanging-Strop :lol Tail-Leather was ordered in Australia from Vadim who is working with an animal-protection organisation and is allowed to get harvested Tails. Will show it in due time once I have testet it.


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Very nice strops, I believe there are many that bought them and all where happy (they where developed by a engineer that worked for Thiers Issard)


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It's all your fault Ron. You told everyone in Holland, way back when, how great these were, from which point on containers full of these came our way.
I for one am very happy with mine.