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Tam O' Shanter Scotch Hone TOS Fine. What is this?


New Member
Hello, I am new to this community, my apologies for having very little knowledge on any of the subjects that are discussed. My grandfather recently passed away and left me his tools, as I am an industrial carpenter I have no idea what many of them are. One seems to be a whetstone labeled a "Tam O' Shanter" Scotch Hone in its original box with TOS Fine written on the side label. Can anybody tell me anything about the history of this type of stone? I seem to be unable to find a company name for it. I don't really even know if I want to keep it. In any case I would like to know more if anybody can help me.


Well-Known Member
Hi Andrew,

There is quite a bit of information about this type of stone on different forums. Here is a thread from a little while ago that you might find interesting:
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