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I am not sure what is needed to implement Tapatalk compatibility. I use it on my iPhone for all the forums (fora?) I am subscribed to. So would love to see this forum also in Tapatalk.
Hi Ramon,

we have deleted already 6 or 7 years ago Tapatalk on all our forums.

Tapatalk ist stealing the content of the forum and tries to make money with it without the participation of the forums-owner. Since May 2018 the copying and forwarding of the forum content outside of the EU without the written agreement of the users and the forum owner is forbidden by law (GDPR).

If a forums-owner uses even today still Tapatalk on his forum, he either has no clue what Tapatalk is doing with the forum-content and/or he acts in the view of European law (GDPR) intentional or gross negligence.

The Internet is not anymore an area where no laws apply. :eek:
Sorry if that sounds a little harsh. But I am always shocked that so many people use systems without knowing what happens to their data.

Its like facebook, whatsapp etc.

See also:
No hard feelings. Was just not aware of this one about Tapatalk. Even though I know quite a bit about GDPR. If we only could get let’s say 10% of what all those companies earn by using, combining and selling our data. I bet we all would have an cupboard with soaps. Just as a thank you note, I would put a sticker on it “sponsored by Cambridge Analytics”.
Private data is the new "oil".

Whatsapp was a team of 5 people when Facebook bought it in 2014 for 19 billion USD. So how is Facebook expecting to get that money back?

If you make the math, it is impossible to earn that amount of money over the next 30 years by simply putting ads on the whatsapp app. So it it obvious that Facebook new from the first moment on, that the real money is by vopying the private date via Whatsapp and selling it to other companies.

So with that money you can earn with this system, you can finance veen the wildest a biggest collection of whatever you thing you want to collect easily.