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hello folks

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo this summer or after the summer(as soon as I can affort it)
but it seems like I can't find what i want.
I want a straight razor with some details on my shoulder.
I have you a tattoo of a straight can you tell me where you let it draw(I tried to draw it myself and it looked like junk)



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If you find a photo of the straight you would like, and send it to me "" I will draw up a tatooable design based on that if you like?

I have 1 on my throat with the word "Karma"

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr..and tattooist for 26yrs)


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would love that
try to find a pic as soon as i'm done honing(finally back with my coticule in my hand after a few weeks)


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Dr. Ralfson...Will you be bringing your tatooing ...erhhh...gear to Belgium in september. Assuming you will be there offcourse..
In that case...surely you could create a tatoo for remembering this meeting? heheheheh
ohh I just have too much time to spend work that is..just 23 hours remaining.
regards and yawnnnn..


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torbenbp said:
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That part's already arranged. If you get too drunk, you'll wake up the next day with the secret SHITCA emblem tattooed on your bum.
Ralfson is sketching the design as we speak.



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:blink: :blink: :huh: :blink: :blink:

Bwhahaha Bwhahahaha (lightning flash) Bwhahahaha (thunder) Hahahaha

(All fades to black) Bwhahahahahaha


I was a tattoo artist for many years and the only advice I have for you is placement placement placement. Getting a tattoo to look extraordinary is often a combination of the design and the proper placement of that design to a part of the body that would be appropriate. often times illustrations like a portrait for instance appear strange just sitting on the side of the arm for instance it just sits there. An example on the opposite end of the spectrum I have an octopus on my shoulder utilizing that round part for the head and allowing the tentacles to drop down wrapping around my arm back and onto my chest. What might be neat is to get the razor along the bicep over the pit of the arm (opposite the elbow) onto the forearm drawn in an open manner so that when you curl your arm closed it actually closes to razor. Just a thought. Again tattoo's are for the individual and no one else so please don't take my advice as any type of criticism it's just a thought.