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Thank you Emmanuel


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A few weeks ago I received a gift of some Celluloid sheet, a present from Emmanuel, some of you may remember my Ford and Medley wedge, it was still scaled with the original hard rubber, a bit of a pain to restore and tbh I was never truly happy with how it came out, what better razor to rescale using black celluloid

Many thanks for the generous gift Emmanuel, the material is a pleasure to work and, I am very happy with how it turned out :thumbup:

Please excuse the oil on the blade, it is a little more polished in real life

Kind regards
Ralfson (Dr)






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Perfect work, as ever.:thumbup:

You should have talked to me. I could have sent you an old tractor tire, as replacement material for the hard rubber scales, at the mere reimbursement of my postage expenses...

Have a nice day,


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You welcome my friend.It is my pleasure
As i becoming older I have concluded that:If someone who has spent forty years of his age,and isn't happier giving to others rather than taking ,will never be ripen to the balance of his life.
I am not sure that i gave the meaning i would like.As is known english is not my native language.
The work is excellent as always. Indeed is is a pleasure to work with,the smell and the material's sensation.Did you use the veneer as suggested as an internal lining ? I cant see in the pictures.
Your friend