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Thank You


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I just wanted to publicly thank everyone on this forum for their continued help to not only myself, but to all its members. I especially want to thank Aquanin, who I often bother multiple times a day talking about honing. There is a big difference in honing with naturals compared to man made hones. I was doing great after a vacation where I met Russell (aquanin) and Mike Sandoval. Of course, feeling confident, i stopped practicing. I basically started over from scratch in my learning process. Its something that you really do need to work on. Furthermore, I was practicing/honing some Livi razors that left me dumbfounded that Russell took care of for me. He informed me that it wasnt all my fault, that the steel was rather hard.

In summary, I just wanted to thank everyone that makes this site a great resource for those of us learning this special craft.


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You are welcome, Isaac.
Thank you for the kind words.

Speaking of Russel, have you seen him around lately? I haven't heard from him since quite a while. If you're in touch, please sent him my best regards.



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Thank you from me too Isaac
and thank you for being a part of this, it would be a much lesser place without its members

Ralfson (Dr)


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It's refreshing to see someone appreciate kindness, Isaac. Any sincere question will be addressed here by gentlemen.


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And any insincere ones...:D

I don't find that posts here are answered with routine, self-serving smugness (usually...:) ). This makes me believe that we are having a conversation. Very little else is worth having.

And if it makes you laugh, all the better...

Cheers, fellows, we can all use a little self-congratulations once in a while. And thanks Issac, for taking the time.



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Thank you Issac and everyone at this forum for all of the kindness and interesting discussion.

Bart, I have been around, just very busy with my job. Shoot me a message if you still have that razor to get to me.