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Thanks Gary - Great Day


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Hi all,
I know quite a few of you guys have now seen the recent Gary Haywood videos.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gary for what was a great day.
This was the first time I met Gary and I found him to be every bit the bloke that I have been e mailing and spoken to by phone for months now.
Gary for those who have not met him is a very unasuming humble chap, and gives up knowledge and instruction freely which is the way it should be in my opinion, oh and he knows his stuff.
I can not express how gratefull I am for how my honing abilities have improved since that day, it was well worth it. Gary was grascious enough to give up is day off to help me, I was captivated by his skill on the hone as was his two tennants at the flat at the shop, good chaps also.
If you ever get the chance it is well worth a visit to Gary's even for a shave, Gary achieved in two passes on my face what usually takes me three, he was using a dubl duck though.
The video represents a tiny fraction of the time that Gary spent with me showing me the ropes on this remarkable hone.

Nuf said
thanks again Gary, good day all round mate.



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I've had to honor of spending a couple days with the man, and completely second Joey.
If I were living within a 90 minutes drive, I know where I would get my hair cut, and I sure as he'll would ask for a shave with it.

Thanks to both Joey and Gary for capturing some of their captivating day on video and for sharing it with the rest of us.

Sorry Gary but if I ever make it to England, my first stop will be at a Pub that serves cask conditioned real ale...but your shop will be the 2nd stop...for a trim and a shave=:) While I'm talking about beer, I envy you cats in Belgium, having access to the farmer's drink in Brussels (Lambic!) I'm an old homebrewer (that hasn't brewed at home since the 80's) and that is one of my goals in drink Lambic in Brussels, but so is drinking cask conditioned real ale in England, where the publican draws the beer from down in the cellar via a beer engine

Good job on the videos Gary!


Reddick Fla.
I'm making myself thirsty=:)