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Thanks Torolf


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I was lucky enough to be able to purchase one of Torolf's wonderful Scrupleworks strops, it arrived in the week, carefully packaged and promptly sent.

I briefly handled 2 of these during the fundraiser, however I didnt dare to try either of them, for fear of marking them, so I was a little excited to try mine, of course I was well aware that they are made to high standard, and feel great in the hand, I have read great reviews from other owners as well, but until a few days ago I had no real idea how it would perform.

I could not be happier, the size is great, at 2" wide it is a little narrower than I am used to, but thats not a problem at all, the length too is spot on, the fixtures are sturdy enough to last and light enough to compliment it nicely.

The linen side has wowed me with the way it performs, its very smooth with for me a perfect amount of draw, after 60 laps a freshly Coticuled edge jumps up 1 point on the HHT scale, and the leather side is oh La La! a very nice draw indeed, not grabby like some latigo's I have used, but not Slippy like buffed leather either, just a nice balanced even draw, thats a joy to use, and the shaves have been quite divine, telling me that it not only feels nice to use, but does its job very very nicely indeed.

Thank you Torolf, this is a keeper and everyday user for sure :)

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)



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I'm happy because you're happy, Ralfy, thanks!

I thought you'd like the draw...:thumbup:

best regards,


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Already i posted my opinion about Torolfs strops. Ill say one more ,is one of the best strops I've tried.Ralfy be sure that the draw will be reduced as time elapsed but trust me will be better.
Best regards


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Damn Ralfy! You beat me again...last week I recieved a strop like yours and meant to write a few words when time allowed.

A few additional words : The 2" strop is great as it is extremely soft and forgiving thus it enables the razor to use the full surface as opposed to my very stiff and rigid TM strop.

The drag is quite heavy but it feels....good and very effective.Torolf suggested a rather heavy draw at the first 1/4 off the strop and then a lighter draw afterwards.

The strop is exceptionally well crafted though it`s clearly all made by hand,something rarely seen theese days and much appreciated.

And as a bonus: A refurbished loom strop with tuned inn and differently treated sides..
This one caused Torolf some headache as it was supposed to be fitted with an old/vintage ( :) )strop. Unfortunately the strop`s tension was unacceptable by Torolf`s standard so he refurbished it with a Norwegian veg tanned cowhide. The lighter side is a smooth buff, the darker side`s treated for a nice draw.



And after:



And the hanging strop:

Perfect,simply perfect.



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I gave my opinion and i'm glad you like it ralfy. this would be the only strop any one would ever need or i needed. the draw is so even yet has such a nice drag:thumbup:



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Look here:
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. I'm looking forward to the site becoming fully operational !

Oh, although it doesn't do it justice, here's pictures of the strop I received from Torolf:

This strop has quite heavy draw which I've come to appreciate a lot, because a very light pass with the razor has optimal effect. The backside is made out of worsted wool. It was quite harsh at first but softened up a lot after repeated use.


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I like the refurbished old time strop. They. for some reason, catch my eye!


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I agree Richard, it looks magnificent. Although I must admit I prefer using tall hanging strops.


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I didn't want to start a new thread, but since there already is one:

On Monday I picked up, after a long weekend of waiting until it was dropped off at the post office, my 2.5" Scrupleworks with worsted wool backing and steel hardware. I wasn't at home on Friday when the mail man came around; Oh! cruel fate!

It has been said before, but I'll say it again, since it is really true: it works like a dream! A lovely steady draw on the velvet-like leather of perfect length, resulting in an almost meditative stropping motion. The wool still sounds a bit 'scratchy' but seems to work like a charm. After two shaves it seems as if the edge improved (or maybe that's just wishful thinking). A beautiful, truely stunning and classy piece of craftsmanship, more than worth the price.

As I already told you: props to you, Torolf.