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Just wanted to write a quick note thanking all of you for all of the knowledge shared on this sight. While I don't post much I read everything. I have been getting fine results with my coticules using the info from this sight. I don't get it right every time but I do most of the time. While I am not giving up my synthetics (I like variety) I must say that coti's are a whole lot of fun to use. Anyway I'm babbling, just want to give out a sincere thanks.


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no problem at all I glad you found what you searched on our little site

kind regards

btw. I moved you thread to the miscellaaneous stuff


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It's nice to receive positive feedback. Thank you.:)
Offering information is what this website's all about. I hope we can continue to expand and improve it.



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Many thanks from me for such positive feedback :thumbup:

I hope we all can continue to be of benefit to others

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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Thank you from me too my friend. I hope our little community is usefull .
Best regards