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The Chip Got Me Again


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When will I learn to look at the edge under magnification EVERY time before wasting a half hour not getting results? I inked up a Case vintage that appeared to be in great shape (from the bay), made a pass or two and discovered nice even honing wear. I proceeded to do a bevel set on a 1200 Jfake and a full dilucot from there. The first third and last third of the edge developed normally and would pass hht3 right off the stone (la verte, my sweet no50) but the middle was not even close. I have finally gotten the TPT down well enough to use it and it confirmed the middle of the blade was not sharp. Looking at the edge with the blue ink I could not find anything wrong until I relented and went to the 25 power Peak handheld scope. There is a chip right in the middle about .05 inch. With higher magnification, I could see the chip was caused by corrosion and I figure it was holding that part of the blade away from the stone. Back to the drawing board. I hate wasting time, even on something I enjoy.
Sincerely, Denny


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Hahahahaha oh well at least you know you are not losing it completely, I always look under the scope before I start, on a razor that I dont know, just to make sure I know if there are areas that need that extra bit of work :thumbup:

Best regards
and I am not laughing at your plight of course, there was just something funny on the tv honest

Ralfson (Dr)


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Been down that road a couple of times... eventually when you may find you don't need the scope and depend more on the TPT to judge the condition of the edge (the lazy man's way).

In bad cases I place place a bit of tape on the spine and go back to the bevel setter (your 1200), reset the bevel and TPT again until it passes. Then hone until the stone cuts through the tape then finish with the dilucot.

The tape does two things... it not only protects the spine from undue wear, but it also tips the very edge into the hone for a quicker cut, I don't worry about a double bevel because once the TPT is passed I will keep honing until the stone cuts through the tape for the last time... at that point and any inconsistencies with double bevel is quickly fixed by the Coticule when finishing.


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tat2Ralfy said:
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I don't believe that TV thingie one bit, you evil Briton. For Smythe, I am just now getting fairly good at the TPT after I learned or reread that I was supposed to wet the skin of the thumb. I could tell that the middle of the blade was not sharp, but are you suggesting I could have felt such a minute chip? I so, I better practice a little more. Yours Truly, Denny