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The Dilucot in action?


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Day-yam can you imagine how long it would take him to put in that "Just an extra 100 laps to finish the edge"

Altho he knows his stuff and as said his stropping is like lightening!


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Indeed he lifts the toe a bit above the hone on several of his "back"strokes. I don't think it's disastrous.
I don't know what he's doing. Is it a touch-up on thin slurry of a hone with little slurry-dulling? Or is he correcting the bevel a bit on a speedy Coticule, after which he'll refine further on a pasted strop?
My soundcard is off-line right now. I'll watch again later and listen to what he says.

Thanks for posting that, Ben.



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Bart said:
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*Note to self: Don't take honing advice from people on Youtube :rolleyes:

Point of clarification: I'll not be following his stropping or honing advice:rolleyes: I made those comments with tongue firmly planted in cheek :p

I do think it's cool that he's using a nice big coticule (would love to have that myself :blush: