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Rules - The dos and don'ts at Shavinguniverse

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Dear dealers & producers,

on the internet each community forum has different ways to handle the interaction between its members (your potential customers) and yourself (dealers or producers)

We do want to avoid misunderstandings. Worst case you are unsecure what is allowed and what not at SU and hesitate to post at all in SU.

Therefore we want to tell you below the dos & don'ts at The "houserules" of SU for dealeras and producers

  • Everyone can register at for free
  • Your username has to be your company name to have more transarency for the members, who is writing a post.
  • Your Avatar needs to be your company logo. If you have problems with the size or odd dimensions, please contact a moderator or the admin (dirk).
  • Both, dealers and producers are allowed to participate everywhere in the forum in normal discussions, answer questions or to correct wrong statements regarding your own products.
  • Product launches and presentations of current products have to be posted in the specific forums, which are created for each company separately and which are labeled "commerce". See here. Nowhere else please. This is mandatory.
  • If you do not have your own section there, please contact the admin (dirk) for this.
  • Shavinguniverse is open for any kind of cooperations or special promotions, as long as it might make sense for all parties and gives an added value for its members. These promotions/special editions need to be discussed with the siteowner (dirk) in advance by PM or email.
  • Pass Arounds, testing of prototypes, polls etc. are among others part of those special promotions and need therefore to get a written approval in advance from the site owner (dirk).
If you have further questions, feel free to send me a PM oder an email.
Not open for further replies.