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The Price of Rhodium for Electroplating;


Producer/ Dealer
The Price of Rhodium for Electroplating;
Rhodium is out of the running, it is the most valuable precious metal in the world, far more so than gold or platinum. Unfortunately the price rhodium keeps going up, presently rhodium is $18,600 per ounce. To say the least we won't be presenting anymore rhodium plated razors for sale in our stores. At this Ridiculous price nobody can afford to purchase Replated Rhodium razors.

Richards Razors has in stock a few Replated Rhodium razors left, when they're gone there won't be anymore, at least not until the price of Rhodium drops. We will continue selling Replated razors, nickel, gold, platinum, palladium, cobalt, much less expensive than rhodium but just as tough.