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The wet shaving starter FAQ list...


I would like to start here a list with links to topics specifically for wet shaving starters. Really only the basic stuff.

For everthings else you can ask all your questions in the appropriate section within the forum. There are many helpful hands (members) here who will accompany you while you are doing your first steps into wet shaving, no matter with what.

Organized by section saftey Razors (SFR), straight razors (SR) or more general (G) like brushes etc.

I will update this list from time to time. But it should really only covers the basics, the "wet shaving FAQ for dummies". Stuff, which only beginners are asking and what is mandatory for them to know/learn.

If it is getting to detailed, nobody will read it anymore. ;)

Also shall wet shaving starters get support from us in the forum and not only the answer: use the search function.

So please keep it simple... daumenh!

Saftey Razors


Straight Razors

How to strop a straight razor? and videos here

Cleaning straight razors

The different kinds of grinds with straight razors

How to measure the width of a straight razor?

General (shaving brushes etc.)

Basics about shaving brushes

The differences in the hair quality among shaving brushes

How to clean a shaving brush?