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"thirsty" La Dressante?


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Hello all,

Today a question about my coticule : I've a La dressante layer one, wich is 15 cm long, and from 3 to 3,8 cm wide.

It's a good honer on slurry, and I allready manage to get keen an smooth edges (those who read my other posts will understand).

But I've go two questions about it with slurry : I don't find it very fast, but I'm not sure bout that, as it's my very first stone ever... How are the la dressante known to be?

And 2nd question : I don't find it rises much slurry, or maybie It's my imagination : I have to do some 15/25 laps with my bout to get some milky slurry : is it ok, much, few?

And as I start honing, I have the feeling that the slurry quickly disapears : it becomes darker(I know it's because steel comes into it), but the more particular thing is it becomes quickly dry : after 15/20 strokes : and if I put a drop of water on it (even very small), I feel like the slurry isn't "thick" anymore : more the feeling that it is thick water than real slurry.

If I rub my bout some more strokes, after adding a little water, I can get a good slurry again

So does anyone knows that, does it seems normal? Have you any advice on how to keep slurry on?...

(I hope I'm clear, as it seems very technical to me... don't mind asking me some extra questions if required...)


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for the first: if it's hard to raise slurry on your coticule you can tilt the slurrystone a bit(I actually do this always)
and the second: are you sure you don't push the slurry off the stone? if that's the case just perform you stroke a little bit shorter and everything should be just fine

kind regards


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Thank you Geruchtemoaker,

welle I think I allready do that : for sure for the bout, and I try to do it for the slurry... but it really comes dry very fast...

Any other idea? :confused: :blush:


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if you live in a dessert I would say is just the temperature and the humidity of the air. but since you live in France I don't think it makes that big of a difference for here.
other than that I can't really see a possible problem right now


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Can I just add that maybe you could try raising more slurry? I mean when you first start. I often find that if I start with too little I often end up having to add a drop of water before I normally would, to keep the slurry from drying out

Also it is worth slightly tilting the hone so the slurry does not easily run off the side

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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as said a bove. I will add that once i have made a nice slurry . I then add water to the slurry to get the consitancy i want, ie nice and milky. I noticed on warmer days that we had in april for a change. my slurry dryed out quiker. i just made sure i added water as and when this happend.



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Hello you all, (hope it's the right way to wish everibdy a nice day, if not, please correct me ;))

Well, last night, I raised my slurry carrefully, and then, have been very careful with my strokes too : Geruchtemoaker was right! I think I was putting the slurry off the stone, and maybie adding water too late...

Well nevermind, I managed to get and keep and good slurry, so I could hone well! I set a good bevel on a frame-back I am restauring. :thumbup: