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To cut or not to cut?


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I found a coticule locally. It was used in an old cabinet shop and is quite dished. after lapping there should be about 8mm of coti left. I currently don't own a coti and therefore have no slurry stones. This stone is about 210-215 long with a large chip on the end. I was wondering if the collective opinion would be to cut a slurry stone off the end, purchase a slurry stone or use a DMT. I also have read some on using a BBW slurry stone on a coti. I don't remember the outcome, but I have a BBW slurry stone.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Please dont't cut your coti !!! In this forum it sounds like mutilating a familiy member .... :cry: :cry:
There is nothing wrong with using any abrasive material that will not leave particles on the hone. DMT will be the luxury choice but any quality sanding paper that - as said - does not loose its abrasive particles will be fine too. The slurry created will be as good as with any slurry stone.
The honorable chairman Sir Bart also commented on using a BBW and as far as I recall he said it was ok as well.


EDIT: And btw: PICTURES please !!!!!
Ok here goes nuttin'

If the large chip on the end stops you using that end I say cut it!

Thats all I dare say right now...hahahaha

BTW, the BBW will make ok slurry but IMHO a Coti slurry stone would be better

Sheepish Regards
Ralfson (Dr)
I'm also for cutting a piece off of it. 210 - 215 mm long? Hello, won't 180 mm be enough? :thumbup:

Well, unless you're planning to buy a coti soon... :)

Let's see a picture first.
Keeping a few sheep and chickens, the contents of my deep freezer proofs that I'm not as emotional as Rico thinks.:D :D

Kind regards,
Gerrit, (I looked to make sure I spelled it right this time), if you really don't want to cut the stone and need a slurry stone, I have an extra one for a reasonalble price. For you--zip.
Well, I left out part of the story. The coti was found by my brother. All I had to go on was his description. I just went to check it out and to get pictures for all of you. I got too excited. It wasn't a coti, but rather an arky that has been stained with motor oil! Yuck. I guess I'll have to do all of my own scouting.
I just realized that I didn't post that, I hadn't bought it yet. Sorry guys.
So, I think I will have to order one. The one I'm looking at is reddish colored bout that another str8 user has. I will still need a slurry stone as he only uses it as a finisher.

I hate when I do that stuff to myself.
Thanks Dennis I needed that today and thanks for the offer as well. BTW did you get my emails?

I didnt buy it, the price was just too high for another arky.

I have not heard back from the guy about the second coti I was looking at when/if I get it I will post pics. I will still need to make the same decision, but this one is a bout and it is significantly smaller. I think it will stay the way I get it.

Im still mad at myself for getting all excited.
deighaingeal said:
Im still mad at myself for getting all excited.
don't be I have the same thing when you want something and you find something really similar in view you think it is and it would be great if it was but hey there will be another chance