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To get help with the forum as soon as possible.....

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Dear members,

we wrote a quick and dirty help for you, if you have a problem with/question about how to use this forum software, or if something seems to be broken.

Please read first all these FAQ before contacting a moderator. 99,9% of all problems can be resolved with these FAQ immediately!

- If you have technical problems to access the forum, please read first the announcement in the forum. Also the older ones. :

- The SU-Newsletter: How to subscribe/ unsubscribe

The unsubscribe link is always at the bottom of each newsletter. Please are aware that the notifications about forum postings have nothing to do with the newsletter. If you want to subscribe to the newsletter, please do so in your user profile.

- How to delete my account:

We do not delete accounts because of legal reasons. But you can delete all information about yourself in your userprofile yourself. Please click on "save" afterwards.

- Enable/disable Forum notifications about new postings in a forum

- How to contact a moderator?

- How to upload images

- Problems logging in, new password does not arrive etc.

- What is allowed in the signature?

- How to support us/ donate?

Please check also, whether your question was asked and answered already in the past by someone else in the section "Help/Forum FAQ" :)

If it is not covered there, post your question in the subforum "Forum-help" and we will answer it in public asap so the answers help other members in the same situation too :bier1

We really try to streamline everything, so you get help immediately with these FAQ. It is impossible to answer all emails, if the question is already answered in one of the above mentioned links.

Please understand, that this forum is not our main job. We do all this voluntarely without any profit as a hobby beside our normal day job. We are not online 24 hours a day. We also have a family and other things to do - same as you ;)

Your SU-Team
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