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touch up


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i finally got round to having to touch up one of my many razors. the edge was only just loosing its performance. i did 50 laps on water and the edge came back so easy. i did'nt think it would be that simple.i'm confident that a thew laps on all my razors will be all that is needed to keep them going.
also the razor i got free with kanayama strop from jim r. i did the same on that and the edge was poping hair.
That sound just the ticket Mr Gary Sir :thumbup:

Its wonderful aint it, any chance you know how much use the razor had before it needed it?

Best Regards
quite a while< i could'nt say as i kind of swap my razor evry two or three weeks . i'm now going to stick with one for a while .i did count amount of shaves on one razor. i got to 15 shaves and i can onestly say the razor was showing no signs of deteriation.
Hey Chris, you seem to be turning into a real honing addict, aren't you? :lol: