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touching up a wedge


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maybe a silly question - but useful as a forum learning point.

I have honed a wedge using the unicot method ending with 3 layers of tape. The result was excellent, however I now want to touch the edge up, do I simply put 3 layers of tape on and then use coti and water?

Any advice, comments more than welcome
Yes, that's the first thing you should try. If you didn't make the secondary bevel too wide during the first honing, it should respond very well to honing on water.

If not,please report back, I'll explain how to proceed. (or you could read the Unicot article, where I tried covering this question:) )

Kind regards,
Thats the way I see it
If the second bevel was a little large, is it a case of start with 2 layers to remove 2nd bevel, and then tape and carry on as per unicot ?