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Travelling in style



Yup, I got myself a new washing bag for travelling. A very old one. It even came with the old brush(let).

And here is the shaving setup (okay, I cheated, and used the Thäter brush and some Godrej shaving cream):

Too bad this bag cannot be used as carry-on luggage. :sleep:
Hog Day yam Sir Robin
thats as pretty as a picture gets, I almost wish I had a job that involved travel, just so I could carry my gear in such style :thumbup:


Regards old chap
Ralfson (Dr)
Thank you, Ralfy.

I actually got three of these (two smaller) for relatively little money. One as a birthday present for a friend. The other one, I don't know. It's not quite complete any more (two of these cuticle push thingies are missing). You can have it if you cover the shipping :)

As kind an offer and as tempting as it I have no use for it :blush:

Many thanks anyway my friend

Ralfson (Dr)
Well, okay. First come, first serve. The other bag is up for grabs (as I said, you pay the postage, guys).

If it's still available, I'll take it. My current Dopp bag is woefully inadequate.
richmondesi said:
If it's still available, I'll take it. My current Dopp bag is woefully inadequate.
Since you were the first to actually ask, it is yours. Fear the shipping costs to the US, Paul...

Of course they are!


Just joking. That Tennis is actually waiting to move to a new home, once I find someone willing to trade it for something less toothpick like. ;)

The Dovo is a 25 whose blade had to be narrowed by about 1,5mm, because the edge was crumbling. Dubl Duck disease.