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triple-layer combo

I picked up a very narrow hone that's far more appropriate as a slurry stone than anything else. And while I may occasionally use it to hone a heel I generally sits out on the office desk as a pacifier/paper weight just because it has a unique grooviness about it. It's a triple-layer vintage rock that was yanked from a rotten paddle and cleaned up.

The other slurry stone is half of a dished vintage hone that needed to be snapped in two. It begged to be snapped. A look at the side/corner shows a great combo pattern, and is included just to show off.



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it looks very nice I got something similar(layer coticule, BBW, coticule, BBW) it just a small slurrystone I got from Bart on the coticule pilgrimage but I loved it right away

kind regards


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Beautiful hone .If you have to give a name ,should be cream-chocolate my friend..
Best tegards