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Reserved - Payment pending Two NOS Straights

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For sale two NOS straights. Here they just lie around, which is a shame.

Second is a Kron-Punkt. This, too, is hollow, 13/16, with etching. Unfortunately it has some small rustspots (black in the pictures) one seems to hit the cutting edge. If it does, about ¾mm need to be removed. As I don't feel like doing that (and therefore won't hone either), this razor will be yours for €40, postage worldwide included.
DSC03277.JPG DSC03278.JPG DSC03279.JPG DSC03280.JPG DSC03281.JPG DSC03282.JPG DSC03283.JPG

First up: Walter Eigenbrod, hollow, 6/8 measured from spine. Carved spine, spine and etching with goldwash.
€75, postage wordwide included. Razor still has factory bevel, if you want me to hone please ask.

DSC03269.JPG DSC03270.JPG DSC03271.JPG DSC03272.JPG DSC03274.JPG DSC03275.JPG DSC03276.JPG
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