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Unexpected use for a coticule.


Well-Known Member
Today I found a new use for a coticule. I was building a new pc and to get the best cooling performance on a processor the top of the casing wich protects the cpu has to be as flat and smooth as possible, the same goes for the bottom of the cooler. If this is not the case there's air between the processor and cooler and even tho is't only a tine amount the cooling is not optimal because air is a very bad conductor of warmth. I didn't have any fine sandpaper lying around and buying wasn't an option since it's sunday. So I thought to myself, if it can sharpen a razor it must also be possible to flatten the cpu and cooler with it. And guess what, it did a great job. Before flattening it the cpu ran at 33 degrees celcius when idle with thermal paste between the cpu and cooler and after using one of my coticules it runs at 27 degrees celcius when idle (again with thermal paste applied). A piece of 480 million years old rock improves the performance of a modern pc :p