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Unicot bevel loosing sharpness prematurely


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Dear learned folks,

I've strayed the past few months and been experimenting with gem single edge shaving and with sharper blades in my double edges. Upon getting back to my straights, and using the unicot procedure where I left off, it is now noticeable to me that I'm loosing considerable sharpness after a shave or two. The edges seem to come off the unicot procedures very sharp (very sticky on the thumb pad test) but seem to lose that sharpness sooner that I'd expect. Magnification shows that the secondary bevels are about 25% to 30% of the total bevel area. Previously, I had been using some Cr Ox on a bench strop. Maybe the paste is the culprit? Should I start over on these blades with one swipe on a glass?
There is no physical reason why a double bevel would be less durable than a single bevel. If there would be any effect at all (unlikely), it would be the contrary.
Stropping on pastes however, can have the tendency to create a sharp but not so durable edge, certainly when you have a tough beard. Yesterday, I made a post about the topic on, so I'm just going to link it here:

My advice for you is to first try a "power" touch-up. The procedure is like this:
Without any tape, put the razor on a very thin, almost translucent slurry. Perform 3 sets of 10 halfstrokes. There will be blackness in the water, which is ok.
What this step will do, is reducing the secondary bevel (in advantage of the main bevel)

Next step, rinse the hone and the razor very well, tape the spine, and make 40 light laps on water only.
Your reduced secondary bevel should respond quite well to that. Please try if you can pop a clean, thick hanging hair, at a minimum distance of 1/2" from the holding point. (try the hair from both ends, because that makes a difference). If it pops, that's a clear sign of success. Strop it very well, 60 linen, 60 leather. no paste.

Let's see how this goes first.

There's always time to start all over, later.

Kind regards,

Thank you very much for your timely and detailed response. I have a feeling that your suggested technique, in conjunction with staying away from CrO, will work wonders.

All the best,
Still performing well after 2 days of shaving. This is a substantial improvement over my previous heavy use of CrO where the sharpness was just lost at this point.
Thank you for keeping us posted.
Sounds like you're doing fine.

Kind regards,
I had a problem where I was using slurry too thick and therefore setting a bevel that was rounded at the edge and felt dull, wouldn't cut hair, etc.

Figuring out the slurry thing is what takes time....the one piece of tape if you get stuck adds keenness and is a good method if you're frustrated.

good luck!
I agree with Bart, your secondary bevel is too large IMO. Mine are hardly visible by naked eye. You really have to look in the light to see it. I've had a lot of problems to work through and still do, but when I first started I remember this happening to me as well. Try it out and tell us how it works! Also, there is no reason the edge should degrade after 2/3 shaves. A secondary bevel should be stronger if anything.

Good luck,