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Unknown stone, any thoughts on what it is?


Well-Known Member
This stone came with my coticules & two razors that I got off ebay, and I was wondering if anyone can ID it for me or give me their thoughts on what it might be. I'm assuming that the previous owner used it on razors as it was with the coticules. Thanks in advance for the help.



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There is a similarity to the Carbonite razor hones. I have not seen two bonded together though. Have you tried it?


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I have a Carborundum 102 that is the color of those especially the lighter although there is a 100 variables in the coloring it may be a razor hone. Is it harder than hell to lap and have a velvety feel? I would try it on a junk blade. If it a Carborundum type hone it will be fine but fast. Some people love them although I had coticules already when I got mine so I haven't spent any time with it.


It looks very like a stone I got on a flea market. Mine's no good for razors but not bad on knives and puts a great edge on an axe. Can't help with an ID because mine came with as little information as yours, sorry.