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Unknown stone for slurry stone?


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I do not have a coticule slurry stone, but i was cleaning the garage and found an old survival knife that has a small sharpining stone in its sheath. The stone apears to be a low grit, anybodies guess would be better than mine. It is definantly more abrasive than my man made BBW/Coti combo, and its perfectly flat because it's never been used. I used it on the BBW because i was'nt sure if it was slate or BBW and it worked quite well for raising a slurry. Was happy to see that the slurry was purple because i'm new to hones/razors and purchased it on Ebay. Wish i could have afforded one bigger than 4" X 2", but times are tuff. Is it possible to safely use it as a slurry stone?:confused:

I also purchased an Otto Fromm #50 red head on Ebay, and was wandering if it is a quality razor to begin with?

Thanks for the help,
Hi, I wouldn't risk it old chap, as you say it is more abrasive than your Combination stone, and if it does happen to add a bit of its own grit to the slurry, then god only knows what it could do to the fine edge of a razor, the cutting edge is thinner than a rizla, and that's jolly thin for a piece of hardened steel.

The best thing to use is another piece of Coticule and BBW, I am sure one of the members here could help you source one?

Best regards and Chin chin old bean
Ralfson (Dr)
ahhh... A picture is worth a thousand words,

Thank you Sir Bart, I have been most enlightened.
wdwrx said:
Ralfy.... WTH is a rizla?


The Streets said:
[c](...)Weigh up Henry, with precision
Few herbs and a bit of Benson,
But don't forget the rizla,
Lean like the tower of Piza (...)

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: [/c]

Listen to it HERE

Check him out, this guy's more British than Queen Elizabeth! Apart from our respectable Dr Ralfson - of course.

cheers mates, oy!
Now your in my ball park:) Those synthetic hones that come with those survival knives are cheap junk to be blunt. Most are reject material from various synthetic hone makers mostly Japanese. The knife companies get them very cheap since most are broken pieces from some old synthetic. They tend to be very low grit and won't even sharpen a knife well at all. You'll see a lot of these at Frost Cutlery and other cheap knife makers. These guys use brittle metal that's darn near impossible to get an edge on no matter what you use.