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Using pressure...


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Hey guys,

I know that using pressure during the bevel setting and during the dilution is fine, especially with a slow stone like my La Nouvelle Veine. Do you guys also continue to use pressure when on water only or should I try to use as little pressure as possible?




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Jean Francois The lower pressure gives always better edges even needs more work.
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I pretty much use pressure throughout, maybe a little less when doing half strokes on water only, and less when doing normal x strokes because my finger is not on the blade, but I use the weight of the blade, I find if I do very light strokes it does not work so well for me

Ralfson (Dr)


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I've used pressure throughout, and also used very light strokes.

In my (very limited) experience, it seems to depend on the speed/hardness of the coticule.

Hard and slow coticules seem to require pressure on the strokes. Fast or soft coticules don't reward pressure. It makes sense when you consider auto slurrying and slurry dulling.

My take: experiment!! If it works, then that's all that matters.


On a related note. Someone on one of the other fora posted a link to a video of Mastro Livi honing one of his razors. His honing sequence was like nothing you'll ever read about on any of the fora. Still, it seems to work. People who buy his razors say his edges are great to save with.

The point here is that there are lots of ways to get to a shave-ready edge. Experimentation will tell you what works for your style and for your specific hone. It's all a lot of fun anyway, or we'd all have just one razor and one hone. :thumbup:


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No matter what I do, I always finish using many X-strokes with the bevel barely touching the hone; the lightest possible pressure on the spine, just to make sure that it stays in proper contact, and some negative torque to further diminish the pressure of the bevel. I will do them for a minute or so, but they're faster than one full cycle per second, I estimate at least 100 laps.

But that's the very last step, I often use modest pressure, even on water.

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