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Variations of technique from stone to stone


I was wondering what the different (dilucot) techniques some of you might use when using one coti vs another, i.e. fast stone vs slow stone. I've read about the number of dilutions you may use but I find that I have a hard time counting dilutions. I basically work up a milky slurry and dilute till it's gone. Whether it's 15 or 25 just depends more on the way it's dilutes natually rather than any intent on my part. The only variations to I have been doing is working backwards if I'm not there at the end. Starting at more x-strokes on water, then back to half strokes on water, then back to very light slurry, then starting again. This works very well for me as I always end up where I want to be and It usually doesn't take long at all to do this. Almost all of my variations are just extra strokes with water only. But I wonder if, for those of you that "know" the stone and the razor, there is something completely different that you do to compensate for speed (or lack thereof) or anything else for that matter. I Know I've done a terrible job of explaining what I'm asking here but hopefully you will understand what I'm asking.

Thank you,
Sean Gunn


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i think i no what your asking, i have no set sets or dilutions. Just as you say dilute untill slurry has gone. the only other thing i would say , is i think we can over do it, with to many dilutions what i have done for a while now. Is i start out on a nice milky workable slurry. i just hone and dilute, once the abrasion of slurry cutting action realy dispears , i'll just add a big splasgh of water one more set of half strokes, then i will rinse the hone repeat one set of half strokes, then do 30 laps on water. check hht. If it clauking on the edge , or should i say i'm getting a violin, i will do more strokes , this normaly improves things, so that's about it.

the only thing that will be differant is in the finishing part. i will do what ever it takes on water to max out hht, if that fails completeley, i would try mni dilucots as you mentioned. even back honing and hitting linen strop and then back to hone. these things can make a differance, honing under running water. most times i will do just 10 laps at a time and check hht, you'd be surprised that even just 10 laps can acheive a better hht.

its all good fun