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Vent about pivot pins


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Guys, I need somewhere to let this out. I've seen way too many pencils in pictures of razors!

The whole pencil between the scales and tang thing gives me the creeps. You all know what I'm talking about. If someone wants to show a picture of a razor sitting upright with the blade coming slightly up from its rest position, they should tighten the pivot pin. I hope it's not just me, but I find the sight of a pencil wedged between the scales and the tang really distracting and a total turn-off. I want to see a shot of a nice razor, not a cutesy pencil that I might've used in elementary school. I can understand that maybe for certain razors its not possible to tighten the pivot pin without repinning, thus modifying a razor that otherwise would have its original scaling job. But then you'd state that the pivot pin isn't tight and could just take other pictures that don't require something to "keep it up". There's no need to humiliate a beautiful razor with the razor equivalent of Viagra.

Granted, I don't recall seeing any such shots here. But you guys might be more amused (and tolerant) of this rant than some other forums. ;)


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I love you attitude man, I have the same sentiments… but you must understand… like it or not, we live in a society where current fashion trends govern behavior… for example shots of razors at extreme angles make the blade look “cool” (and may appeal to our masculinity)… but you never get a good look at the shape of the blade or see defects such as an “odd” shape point or some other detail that goes hidden… I suppose it’s not a big deal is the photo is “display only” but can be annoying to prospective purchaser should it be up for sale.

Back to the pencil… Some of those blades quite weighty and even the tightly pinned pivot will just barley hold the thing open against gravity… and tightening any more risks damaging (crushing) the scales at the pivot.


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Smythe said:
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It's true, some of those blades can be rather heavy, which I failed to mention. I guess I prefer seeing such a blade closed if it's upright and would save the partially-open shot for another pose. Maybe the standing-on-head pose? But never if that involves the razor resting on its tip. I cringe at the thought of the razor resting on its tip, especially a hollow ground razor.

Oh, fashion...


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I plea guilty :blush: .
But it's not for keeping razors open (I have a peening hammer and am not afraid of using it), but to keep them from tipping over, while I shoot the picture.
Like this one:

I hope you mind less about calipers.:lol:

Kind regards,


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Analog calipers are the ONLY way to go! I had a set of digimatic mititoyo 6 and 8" and I always went back to my analog mititoyo's. I do like digital micrometers, but would still probably take an analog if given the option.


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+1 for the analogs. :)

As for "Viagra equivalent" :lol: I must say I've never actually seen a razor with a pencil put into it. Yet, it does make a difference what sits there. I think I saw Caleb's pictures with a cig, which made me frown for a moment but on the other hand I loved when someone put a pistol round to do the job, it really looked cool altogether - I saw it here, it was Ray, I guess?

kind regards,