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Veritable P Scrindat/Serindat


Well-Known Member
I'm in doubt about the title. I can't find anything on the Scrindat, but on Serindat I get hits about other razors. The logo's are the same on both razors.

The razor is shoulderless and looks it will give a nice shave. If someone has more information about the brand. Let it know.

PICT_20200515_070106.JPG PICT_20200515_070136.JPG PICT_20200515_070251.JPG PICT_20200515_070326.JPG PICT_20200515_070227.JPG


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Just like the bottom of the D had a shallow indent, the middle of the E had one too probably. It is a Serindat. Good blades made in France. Great steel.. Enjoy it...