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A discussion elsewhere reminded me I had this interesting razor to show you.
The Vib'Raz (Vib-rating'Raz-or) is French, produced by Unis-France. It comes in a metal case, the case is covered in a type of rubber, with a pack of blades and an insert. Interior if the case is felt displaying the name, bladepack and insert show an OC razor, the razor itself is CC.
Insertimagery and razor itself suggest the 1920s, which seems correct as the razor complains about the fact that in the 150 years since the invention of the safetyrazor in 1771 not much has changed. Places this one at 1921 or a few years past.
This razor tries to achieve a smoother (both in result as in activity) shave by adding two rollers in the cap. These are ribbed, start rolling once the razor is moved across the face, and make the cutting edge vibrate a bit. This is different from superficially similar razors like the King Oscillator or the Redux in that the latter use the roller to oscillate the blade sideways, something this razor does not do.
The insert claims the razor shaves like stroking flowers across the skin. Empirical evidence suggests that is not quite true.
1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg DSC06803.JPG DSC06805.JPG DSC06806.JPG DSC06807.JPG DSC06808.JPG DSC06809.JPG DSC06810.JPG DSC06811.JPG DSC06838.JPG DSC06840.JPG


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I know there has been many designs that attempted to move the blade while shaving and the only one I possessed was the Stahly Live Blade, which also was not like stroking flowers against my skin. Your Vib'Raz would be a fine addition to your display case, but maybe not taken out for shaves. :daumenhoch


Mine landed yesterday, same set as pictured above. Poor math of the copywriter notwithstanding, the short screw model we have is post 1930 as the instructions say "compatible with all three hole and slotted blades" and of course slotted blades didn't exist until after 1930. PXL_20210726_151932111.jpg


Vib'Raz/Feather/MDC Gotta say I'm gobsmacked how effective this mild razor is, whether it's because or in spite of its roller cap. Not for those phobic about using pressure with a super sharp blade, it's a OneBlade Core that actually works.


One more historical clue..the Vib'Raz was produced using the same plate, handle, and case as the Figaro closed comb. Indeed my baseplate carries the Figaro rather than Vib'Raz branding. The Figaro blades are Gibbs type and therefore would date From not earlier than 1937. Rare-coffret-rasoir-de-sureté-UNIS-FIGARO-lames (1).jpg PXL_20210727_170415259~2.jpg


Here's a razor recently received from France. As you can see it has no branding. However, it resembles the Vib'Raz in all respects except it lacks the one defining feature of the Vib'Raz which is rollers on the cap! Makes me wonder if a razor can be categorized as being a particular brand or make if it lacks a main defining feature? If we consider this model as being within the Vib'Raz family, may I suggest we can call it a "No-Roller" Vib'Raz? I haven't tried it yet so cannot comment on the shave. Most reports are that it can be an excellent shaver but the approach to be taken is different from the usual in that some pressure is to be applied. Regarding the effect of rollers on this razor, it appears that some swear by them and others seem to think they don't really do much other than to "encourage" one to apply a little pressure, in order to turn the rollers, and thus obtain the benefit of the design. Most seem to mention the rollers are noisy, if nothing else. By the way, my understanding of the UNIS-France label, found on many Vib'Raz and Figaro razors, perhaps among others, is that this is not a brand mark but an indication of the item having been manufactured in France. Apparently this mark was used on a variety of widely different products. An internet search indicates that this mark was registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property on January 29, 1916 by the Union Nationale Inter-syndicale des Marques Collectives.

%22No-Roller%22 Vib'Raz Safety Razor, France 1.JPG %22No-Roller%22 Vib'Raz Safety Razor, France 2.JPG %22No-Roller%22 Vib'Raz Safety Razor, France 3.JPG %22No-Roller%22 Vib'Raz Safety Razor, France 4.JPG %22No-Roller%22 Vib'Raz Safety Razor, France 5.JPG %22No-Roller%22 Vib'Raz Safety Razor, France 6.JPG %22No-Roller%22 Vib'Raz Safety Razor, France 7.JPG %22No-Roller%22 Vib'Raz Safety Razor, France 8.JPG


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Well, here's my "One Shave In" Report: This is an exceptional razor. When I tried to apply a little pressure I got, to no real surprise, a cut. When I approached the razor my usual way (find the angle/edge, work the angle/edge slowly and patiently) it provided a very smooth and close shave, even in traditional problem areas for me like the left side of my neck. So, I recommend this as one to try should one come your way, you won't be disappointed, as others have also commented.